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Packaging Equipment Benefits

Packaging Equipment Benefits

Equipment & Automation You’ve always heard it was a good idea to improve your process, but where do you start? Stretch wrapper, case sealer, case erector, strapping machine, batching and bagging system. The list of packaging equipment goes on and on, and the price tag can seem like a lot at first. However, equipment pays for itself. We can make it very easy for you and show you how. DID YOU KNOW: Packaging equipment will give you a positive ROI

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Case Study: A simple packaging process improvement saves time, money

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Making even one simple packaging process improvement can lead to huge gains in production, reductions in labor cost and material usage, as well as the stress headaches that go with managing a more complex process. And how can you go wrong when you don’t have to worry that you’re spending a small fortune on something with little to no return on investment.

Here’s just one example of how we helped a large manufacturer of medical supplies.

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How to choose the right shrink wrapper

When the time comes to make a final decision about the right shrink wrapper for your facility, there are a number of things that you need to consider.  Here are the top 9 things to think about before making the final decision. Look to down gauge. The use of polyethylene and similar thin films is a huge cost-cutting opportunity. Fifty percent of customers use heavier gauge film than they need. Why? A thicker gauge buys a lot of “forgiveness,” allowing

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Arpac BPTW-70 Shrink Wrapping Machine

Arpac BPTW-70 Shrink Wrapping Machine

The BPTW-70 shrink wrapping machine creates perfect shrink wrapped tray supported packages using single roll print registered polyethylene film. The BPTW-70 shrink wrapper ensures accurate placement of graphics on each package with a bull’s eye enclosure. This versatile system handles multiple product sizes and package configurations, on demand, at speeds up to 90 trays per minute. An integrated hot plate shrink tunnel creates an attractive finished product with minimal graphic distortion. The BPTW-5000 shrink wrapper offers quick and easy product

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Shrink Wrap Machines: A Brief

Selecting shrink wrap machines requires an analysis of product specifications, features and potential applications. Fully-automated shrink wrap machines may list the rate in pieces per minute. Some automated shrinkers include an integral feeder and a computer interface that links to a control network. Other shrink wrap equipment is made from stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. Equipment that can handle shrink wrap is suitable for applications which require a very tight, tamper-evident seal to protect products from insects or other

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