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Case Study: Auto bagging system saves 65% in labor costs

65% Reduction in Labor Costs

How much can packaging automation save? The answer: A LOT. In this case study, we’re looking at a frozen food producer. They use too many employees to fill their frozen packs when they should be using automated equipment. The cost of labor and slow production speed is costing the company and they needed a quick fix. This company produces single-serve and family-sized food packages. These frozen foods are for sale nationwide at grocery stores, membership warehouse clubs, convenience stores, and

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Case Study: How poly bags save money and protect products

We all know about the types of poly and plastic bags that are out there. But have you read about how they can be cost-effective materials to help better protect your products? These two case studies point out how IPS Packaging offered a poly bag solution to our customers. Two different industries; food and automotive. Both had different obstacles that we helped them hurdle using custom poly bags. Problem: A large-scale meat packer was using an LLDPE poly bag to

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Sometimes it just takes a little engineering to save some money

A logistics company imports large burlap sacks of Starbucks coffee beans and then transports them for roasting.  The company wraps the super-sized burlap sacks with a 115 gauge blown, which is a very heavy duty film, considering the heavy weight of their loads. One of their main complaints about their current film is the loud screeching sound that the wrap makes as it comes off of the roll. An IPS Account Manager offered a test of a competitive, highly engineered

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Custom approach to baby food packaging dilemma earns large win

A well‐known e‐commerce site for baby products was experiencing extremely high damage rates when shipping cases of glass baby food jars. To address the problem, the customer tried Sealed Air’s FillTeck and the FP Novus system, both which required labor intensive wrapping and taping, and are prone to packer inconsistency and error. To solve the problem, Pregis developed an innovative “open top” design. This cost‐effective solution virtually eliminated damage, while dramatically speeding the process and reducing labor. The one‐piece design features an inflated base

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The Water Activated Tape Revolution

Water activated tape (WAT) is a paper carton sealing tape (white or natural kraft) available in various widths and thicknesses and which may contain multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement. When the adhesive is activated with water, it penetrates the carton material, forming a permanent bond with the carton. It bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces, generating an immediate, destructive bond which is what makes it a highly effective theft deterrent. Secure Bond: the starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds

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