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Flutes aren’t just for symphonies anymore

Corrugated close up

Flutes: A corrugated symphony of structure Architects have known for thousands of years that an arch with the proper curve is the strongest way to span a given space. The inventors of corrugated fiberboard applied this same principle to paper when they put arches in the corrugated medium. These arches are known as flutes and, when anchored to the linerboard with a starch-based adhesive, they resist bending and pressure from all directions. When a piece of combined board is placed

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6 easy ways to save money on your packaging

It’s time to save money on your packaging. Here are 6 simple ways. Have you ever thought about some of the ways that you could find some hidden cost savings potential in packaging? Ten years ago, it wasn’t a high priority. However, as transportation and warehousing costs have continued to steadily rise, companies realized that packaging offered a fresh opportunity to cut costs. Despite that new found awareness, many companies are still struggling to identify where exactly they can cut

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Mullen vs. ECT: Is there a difference in corrugation tests?

What is the difference in corrugation tests and does it even matter? As packaging partners, we’re used to getting a lot of questions about how to best manage their packaging needs without spending needless amounts of money. One frequently asked question is about the difference in corrugation tests. Mullen board and ECT board are both very strong and capable types of corrugated, but, sometimes, choosing one over the other may save you time, money, and potential product damage. For many

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Paper and cardboard costs set to expand in coming years

While paper and cardboard packaging has long been a constant in the industry for decades, that could soon change as company needs shift.

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Change your packaging, lower your shipping: Is it really that easy?

It’s been over a year now since UPS and FedEx began charging by size, not just by weight.  Before the price increase, any ground shipment of a packaging size less than 3 feet was charged by weight only.  Since the price increase, all packages will be priced via dimensional weight. Historically, shipping costs have been calculated on the basis of gross weight.   But by charging only based on weight, large lightweight sized packages became unprofitable for freight carriers. These large, lightweight boxes would take up

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