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eBook: Stretch Wrap- Choosing to Automate

Introduction: The choice to automate stretch wrap Lean methodology. Cost savings initiatives. Elimination of waste. Problem solving and key performance indicators. All of these terms are used on a daily basis in manufacturing facilities that use stretch wrap. With costs and competition increasing daily, how can you stay competitive? You need to increase your throughput while reducing costs. It seems counterintuitive trying to do more with less resources, but that is the direction of American manufacturing. With imports arriving daily

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DHL tests program that delivers packages to consumer’s trunks

For years, having a package delivered to your home or office was the only way to receive an item you ordered. Today’s consumers are different than those of the past, though. Today, shoppers want their items delivered as soon as possible – sometimes even that day. And they don’t want to be stuck at home waiting for their package to arrive – they want the package to come to them, regardless of where they are. This can be a tall order

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Beware! The 10 most common problems on an automated packaging line.

Just one mistake on your automated packaging line can slow the whole operation down or even bring it to a halt. Here’s how to keep that from happening. The process of packaging and shipping an order is one that happens in a pre-defined sequence of events. When any sort of automation is involved, an additional factor comes into play: success will depend on just how well the equipment in the process is integrated. And that means getting each of the machines—carton erectors, shrink wrappers, void fillers, labelers,

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How to save cost: manual verses automated labor

Did you know that some companies report that up to 60% of their total packaging costs are labor related? Now consider the fact that commodity prices are rising at a rate of about 5% a year. You have to have the bags, the stretch film, the shrink wrap… and you have to have the people. Right? Well… what about automating some (or all) of your packaging process? Sure it sounds expensive, but hear me out. At the end of the day,

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Case Study: A simple packaging process improvement saves time, money

shrink film

Making even one simple packaging process improvement can lead to huge gains in production, reductions in labor cost and material usage, as well as the stress headaches that go with managing a more complex process. And how can you go wrong when you don’t have to worry that you’re spending a small fortune on something with little to no return on investment.

Here’s just one example of how we helped a large manufacturer of medical supplies.

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