How-to Pre-Mold a Package: Foam in Place SmartMold

There is a step by step process to creating custom molds out of foam. In order to produce the shapes needed for packages, this five step process should be followed to optimize your foam packaging operation.

Step 1 Wood mold custom built to produce the ideal shape. Pre-Molding - Step 1
Step 2 IntelliPack SmartFILM is set inside the mold. Pre-Molding - Step 2
Step 3 IntelliPack SmartFOAM is then dispensed evenly into the mold. Pre-Molding - Step 3
Step 4 SmartFILM is placed on top of foam and the mold is closed tight. Pre-Molding - Step 4
Step 5 Final product fits perfectly into the pre-molded foam cushion.


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