Planned Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly surprises. The IPS Packaging Planned Maintenance Program.

At IPS Packaging we are determined to bring you reliable and complete customer satisfaction; This is why we are excited about offering our Planned Maintenance Program. This program is designed to ensure that you receive maximum performance out of your equipment.

For the equipment you purchase to perform at it’s best, it requires accurate installation, comprehensive personal training, the correct specified materials, equipment calibration and maintenance guidance.

The Planned Maintenance Program is designed to focus on this performance criteria:

  • Annual Programs
    Along with the Planned Maintenance Program, we also offer all of the same features as the regular program, but it is offered on an annual basis, with a fixed rate, for as long as you keep your equipment.
  • Automatic Equipment
    For automatic equipment, our Planned Maintenance Program will include one technician visit each quarter for the first year following installation. During the quarterly visits, your equipment will be thoroughly inspected and adjustments will be made, if needed, to assure safe and proper operation.
  • Semi-Automatic Equipment
    For semi-automatic equipment, our Planned Maintenance Program will include two technician visits during the first year. Inspections will remain the same as they are for automatic equipment.

  • Customized Service Program
  • Priority Service
  • Customized Training
  • 24/7 Technical Phone Support
  • Thorough Inspections & Adjustments
  • Service & Cleaning to Minimize Downtime
  • Scheduled Visits by Trained Techs
  • Reduced Service Rates
  • Discounted Replacement Parts
  • Supervised Installation, Maintenance & Safety Training