Shock Watch Indicators

IPS Packaging is currently carrying these famous product lines from ShockWatch™, all in-stock and ready to ship:





ShockWatch™ products provide the peace of mind that comes when reducing damage to products during shipping and handling. By using ShockWatch™ warning labels, impact indicators and recorders, tilt indicators and recorders, environmental indicators and environmental recorders, you can now measure what is happening to your product in the shipping process.

Not only can you measure it and track it, but you can also record it and fix it, keeping the damage at lowest level!

ShockWatch™ Damage Prevention: Eliminate Yield Losses, Lost Calibration and Warranty Abuse

ShockWatch™ products answer the call to lower yield losses, product damage and warranty abuse. When products are rejected at inspection, a yield loss occurs. With yield losses, a company can be affected numerous ways. A daily yield loss between 5-20 percent is not uncommon in the manufacturing business; however, the potential for cost savings in packaging is extremely high.

Benefits of ShockWatch Products


The Shockwatch™ and Tiltwatch shipping and handling indicators can apply to almost any product shipping situation including:


  • Semiconductor devices
  • Aerospace and Military Equipment
  • Automotive components
  • Glass products
  • Commercial appliances
  • Machinery
  • Lab equipment
  • Storage media
  • Electronics
  • Furniture

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