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How much is sustainability changing the way we package?

Sustainability is a big push in 2016. And with online purchasing being an ever bigger aspect of our economy, the packaging that people are receiving those items in is quickly becoming a major aspect in the sustainability push. But with boxes with more and more recycled material, are we getting the same quality of packaging that we were in the past? And if we aren’t, how are we able to get our money’s worth out of our packaging? First of all,

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Packaging 101: The Corrugated Box

*Updated 9-7-17*  Boxes.  Cases.  Cartons.  Corrugated. Whatever you call them, you see corrugated boxes everywhere.  From front porches and distribution centers to moving trucks and manufacturing facilities, corrugated boxes are a part of our daily lives.  Just because we all use them, doesn’t mean we all understand them. For more facts on corrugated head here. This post will focus on common terminology for corrugated. It all comes together to help you better understand packaging.  Whether you are someone running a multi-billion dollar facility or you’re

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Everything you thought you knew about boxes is wrong

*Updated 9-7-17* Most of us think of boxes as nothing more than the thrown away carrier that brought us our products from the manufacturer.  But the fact of the matter is that corrugated is a high performance and highly technically packaging system. We’re going to get into some facts you may not know about corrugated boxes. If you’re looking to start with the basics, read this post. Just the facts, ma’am. Fact: The power of the case is generated by

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How reconfiguring your boxes can save you thousands

What if I told you there was a simple way to save costs on your packaging without changing materials, volume, or quality?  Are you laughing yet? What if I told you that it were as easy as the phrase “Deeper = Cheaper”?  OK, now I’m sure you’re definitely laughing.  (I giggle at that phrase too.) Changing the opening orientation of your boxes When it comes to using a regularly slotted case (a RSC) in the packaging world, changing the orientation

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Using your leftover boxes for good

The holiday season is officially upon us: we’ve just finished Thanksgiving dinners (I don’t know about you, but I think I’m still full), we’ve survived another Black Friday, and (hopefully) you still have some money left in your bank account after Cyber Monday.  Hanukkah starts in less than a week and we’re officially in the month of Christmas. Where exactly did 2015 go? As you’re preparing for whatever holidays you celebrate, take time to consider helping those less fortunate.  Save all your

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