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Masking tape for paint jobs

The right masking tape for every painting application. Many professionals know how good masking tape is for painting applications. They’re known for their superior performance in a variety of applications. It really doesn’t matter the size of the job either. You could be painting a few rooms in your new house or painting an entire fleet of cars or planes. Painting professionals trust Intertape to give them the clean lines and professional look they require. So what kind of other

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Guide: Everything you need to know about strapping

Strapping: You’ve heard of it, but what do you really know about it? Strapping is one of the most commonly used means of unitization and bundling in the packaging industry.  There are multiple types of strapping products available, as well as many application types, but strapping is especially used in environments such as: Bundling together for handling and shipping: newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block, etc. Attaching items to pallets, skids, and crates Reinforcing wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes, such

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TPP tapes: a clear packaging alternative

Tape comes with many different options. Most of the time, we find customers using stretch film in order to unitize their pallets. While this may be a viable option for some warehouses, others may want to consider changing their packaging solution to tape. Innumerable packaging processes rely on stretch film to unitize pallets. While stretch film is certainly a viable option, an alternative packaging solution may just be a TPP tape. TPP tape is made of tensilized polypropylene. TPP tape is offered as an alternative to filament tapes for securing pallets, bundling heavy goods, end tabbing coiled or rolled materials, and reinforced holding of volatile components.

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