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Case Study: Case Sealer automation saves $100K annually in labor costs

Case Sealer Automation

This case study shows how IPS Packaging produces results. We help our customers save money in ways they may not be thinking of. Sometimes all it takes is an outside look at something that you may not think is a problem. Problem: An IPS customer’s business had just doubled. They were still manually erecting, packing and labeling boxes like they had done for many years. Solution: A free on site-consultation with an IPS Sales rep and IPS product manager generated

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Case Study: Auto bagging system saves 65% in labor costs

65% Reduction in Labor Costs

How much can packaging automation save? The answer: A LOT. In this case study, we’re looking at a frozen food producer. They use too many employees to fill their frozen packs when they should be using automated equipment. The cost of labor and slow production speed is costing the company and they needed a quick fix. This company produces single-serve and family-sized food packages. These frozen foods are for sale nationwide at grocery stores, membership warehouse clubs, convenience stores, and

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Case Study: Custom Poly bags produce results

HDPE Poly Bag

Customized solutions: every packaging process is different. You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but have you seen actual examples? In these case studies, we’re taking a look at custom poly bags. Sometimes that fix ends up being a product the customer may not know about. Other times, it’s a little more complex. Problem: A manufacturer of roofing tile was using a LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) bag to package their individual tiles. They would then then stack the bags

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Performance, automation speed allows for win in consumer electronics refurbishing

A refurbisher of consumer electronics (monitors, laptops, desktops, etc.) had been using a system to produce bubble-on-demand. Additionally, a sheeter had been installed to improve packaging speed. However, instead of separating the roll at the perforation, it would cut through a row of inflated bubble causing that portion of the leading and trailing edges to deflate and lose its cushioning abilities, leading to material waste. The hybrid cushioning was demonstrated to the customer in partnership to the distributer, who was

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Suspension corner pack solution creates new opportunities for television refurbishers

When a consumer returns a new television or other electronic item back to the store where it was purchased, the product frequently doesn’t go back to the shelf for resale. Those returns (and also those that are broken or damaged), frequently find their way to one of several refurbishment companies. Retailers rely on them to repackage and sometimes recondition the product so that it meets specifications for sale as a new or used item. Traditionally, these refurbishers have used protective

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