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Masking tape for paint jobs

The right masking tape for every painting application. Many professionals know how good masking tape is for painting applications. They’re known for their superior performance in a variety of applications. It really doesn’t matter the size of the job either. You could be painting a few rooms in your new house or painting an entire fleet of cars or planes. Painting professionals trust Intertape to give them the clean lines and professional look they require. So what kind of other

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Understanding total packaging cost

It’s not just the per item price that matters: it’s the total packaging cost. When it comes to packaging cost, most businesses only really consider the cost of buying the individual packaging items: boxes, tape, void fill, and stretch wrap. They’re willing to negotiate tiny percentages off of the total unit cost, puffing their chests with the savings win they’ve secured for the company. However, in actually, unit price of individual packaging elements only account for about 15% of total

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Guide: We’ve got #PackagingKnowledge and #NoTimeForTheHardSell

In a business landscape that is always about the hard sell, it’s time for someone to just provide the knowledge you need to make the decision yourself without the traditional pressure of salesmanship. One of the hardest things for a distributor to do is not sell.  That’s our life’s blood: it’s how we make our money, pay our employees, and feed our families.  But part of what makes IPS different is that we’re not just about undercutting the distributor down

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Wrap rage: it’s real and it’s spectacular

Ever heard of wrap rage?  Apparently, it is a real thing and it actually sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year (I’m imagining that conversation with the intake nurse now… and I’ll admit that I’m chuckling a little). So, our Content Specialist wrote about it on her LinkedIn blog because, honestly, she couldn’t believe it was a real thing either.  A little research and it’s pretty amazing the stuff that she found out. Wrap rage.  It’s not the on-going battle between

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How can you protect against damage during transit?

Transit is the most dangerous part of the shipping process.  Learn how to protect against it. No amount of proper wrapping can protect against voids between those pallets once they’re loaded into trailers because no matter how you place the pallets in a trailer, you’re going to have voids which will allow for pallet movement during the journey.  Pallets tend to move from side to side during the journey.  The same can be said about front to back movement, as

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