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Honeycomb Void Filler
Types of Void Fillers Diamond-Pak® Bulkhead Void Filler Diamond-Pak® bulkhead void filler prevents forward and backward movement of cargo in rail cars, truck trailers and shipping containers. Uniquely designed, it provides you with a strong, durable, yet lightweight filler to help you pack an ideal load. You can get Diamond-Pak® bulkhead in a limitless schedule of sizes to meet your exact requirements. Diamond-Pak® is strong enough to protect cargo from end-to-end impacts in railcars. Completely recyclable, lightweight, and economical, you will find it easy to use.

Diamond-Corr® Light-weight Void Fillers Diamond-Corr® Light-weight void fillers store flat and expand to fill spaces between heavy loads. Used in rail cars, containers, and truck shipments, these corrugated void fillers prevent side-to-side load shifting. When you are done, collapse these void fillers to reuse over and over. Looking for economy crosswide void fillers? Diamond-Corr® II is an economical solution for stretch film wrapped loads only. This lightweight, reusable, recyclable crosswise void filler will keep your cargo loads in place while shipping. Saddle-Pak® Void Fillers Saddle-Pak® void fillers are designed to fill the void left by missing pallets and expand to full pallet dimensions.

You can easily use these void fillers to help maintain proper axle weight distribution. By stabilizing the load, you will also prevent single pallets from “creeping” to the sidewall while in transit. Light weight void fillers store flat and expand to fill side spaces. You can also order a design intended for single pallet units in the center of any transportation vehicle. You can use Saddle-Pak® in container and truck shipments. They are reusable and recyclable.
Honeycomb triplewall and plywood replacement panels are available in the same standard dimensions at a fraction of weight. They are lightweight, which helps save on shipping and handling costs and they are safe and easy to handle. Because Honeycomb is not made from wood, no nails, splinters or strain is ever involved. Applications include inside trucks, ships, and railcars. It can also be used in creating and box shipping, load separation, riser strips and protective framing around glass.


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