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Add to Favorites229136 2 OZ. CLEAR CUPS WITH LIDS 11.10 lbs.
Add to Favorites228797 3 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 16 lbs.
Add to Favorites229041 3.5 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 14.40 lbs.
Add to Favorites228802 5 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 18.20 lbs.
Add to Favorites229138 5 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 18.80 lbs.
Add to Favorites229051 5 OZ. CLEAR CONEX COLD CUPS 20 lbs.
Add to Favorites231463 5.5 OZ. CLEAR PLASTIC LIDS 14 lbs.
Add to Favorites229059 7 OZ. CLEAR CONEX CUPS 23.50
Add to Favorites231489 7 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 18 lbs.
Add to Favorites231490 9 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 25 lbs.
Add to Favorites231491 9 OZ. CLEAR TALL CUPS 24 lbs.
Add to Favorites229072 9 OZ. CLEAR CONEX CUPS 33.30 lbs.
Add to Favorites228829 9 OZ. CLEAR TALL CUPS 33 lbs.
Add to Favorites229011 10 OZ. CLEAR CONEX CUPS 35.30 lbs.
Add to Favorites231486 10 OZ. PLASTIC CUPS 26 lbs.
Add to Favorites228784 12 OZ. CLEAR CUPS 14.80 lbs.
Add to Favorites229023 12 OZ. CLEAR CONEX CUPS 17.40 lbs.
Add to Favorites229139    
Add to Favorites228781 12-14 OZ CLEAR PET SQUAT CUP 16.90 lbs.
Add to Favorites231487 12-14 OZ CLEAR CUP 33 lbs.
Add to Favorites228785 14 OZ CLEAR CUP 16.10 lbs.
Add to Favorites229026 14 OZ CLEAR CONEX CUP 20.20 lbs.
Add to Favorites231488 16 OZ CLEAR CUP 41 lbs.
Add to Favorites228786 16 OZ CLEAR CUP 13.50 lbs.
Add to Favorites229030 16 OZ CLEAR CONEX CUP 25.60 lbs.
Add to Favorites228789 20 OZ CLEAR PET CUP 24.40 lbs.
Add to Favorites228790 20 OZ CLEAR CUP 33 lbs.
Add to Favorites229037    

Plastic Lids

Add to Favorites229047 4 OZ VENTED LID 2 lbs.
Add to Favorites229054 6 OZ VENTED LID 3.50 lbs.
Add to Favorites229140 8 OZ DOME LID FOR HOT CUP 5.60 lbs.
Add to Favorites229065 8 OZ VENTED LID 4.10 lbs.
Add to Favorites229014 STRAW SLOTTED LID 4.40 lbs.
Add to Favorites229022 12 OZ STRAW SLOTTED LIDS 4.80 lbs.
Add to Favorites229024 12 OZ. SIP THROUGH LIDS 6.70 lbs.
Add to Favorites229141 12-14 OZ DOME LID FOR HOT CUP 6.50 lbs.
Add to Favorites229032 16 OZ SLOTTED LID 5.40 lbs.
Add to Favorites229033 16 OZ SIP THROUGH LID 7 lbs.
Add to Favorites229137 12-20 OZ LID FOR COLD CUP  
Add to Favorites229036 20 OZ VENTED LID 8 lbs.
Add to Favorites229020 20 OZ VENTED LID 4.80 lbs.
Add to Favorites229027 12-24 OZ DART CAPPUCCINO WHITE 9 lbs.
Add to Favorites229040 24 OZ SLOTTED LID 3.10 lbs.
Add to Favorites229043 32 OZ SLOTTED LID 4.90 lbs.
Add to Favorites229042 32 OZ VENTED LID 4.90 lbs.
Add to Favorites231461 CLEAR LID 1.5 & 2 OZ. 8 lbs.
Add to Favorites231460 CLEAR LID WITH NO SLOT 8 lbs.
Add to Favorites231462 3.5 OZ CLEAR LID WITH NO SLOT 12 lbs.
Add to Favorites231408 CLEAR LID WITH STRAW SLOT 7 lbs.
Add to Favorites231407 CLEAR LID WITH STRAW SLOT 7 lbs.
Add to Favorites231406 CLEAR LID WITH STRAW SLOT 13 lbs.
Add to Favorites231415 CLEAR DOME LID WITH STRAW SLOT 9 lbs.
Add to Favorites231414 CLEAR DOME LID WITH STRAW SLOT 10 lbs.
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