Dunnage Air Bags Save Money from Day One

Savings from Every Angle

From the very first day, dunnage air bags offer incredible cost savings. You can protect your bottom line while safeguarding your products at the same time. It's easy to see how dunnage air bags can save you money by stabilizing pallets and loads in a container or on the back of a truck, but there are a myriad of other ways that they protect your investments and profits that you may never have considered. Let’s look at some of the many ways you’ll save with dunnage air bags.  

Reduced Material Usage 

While many distributors and shippers believe that simply applying extra stretch wrap to a pallet is all that needs to be done to create premium load stability, this isn’t always the case. This method can certainly help, but it involves a significant amount of added material and oftentimes, stretch film isn’t placed correctly. Even with a lot of extra wrap, poorly applied stretch film won’t save your products from sudden stops or jostling in the trailer.  

On the other hand, adding dunnage air bags to your trailer or container can reduce the number of materials you need, which brings costs down as well. These versatile shipping tools can be reused as many as six times (when inflated, deflated, and cared for properly). Better yet, they provide outstanding load stabilization to protect your palletized goods and prevent damage by bracing your items against the trailer walls to reduce shifting. 

Minimize Labor Time 

Any business owner understands that time is just as important as money. Poorly loaded trucks with shifted pallets and damaged goods take significantly more time to unpack, while properly organized containers with adequate protection take much less. When a truck arrives with pallets that have been thrown all over the place, your employees waste time inspecting, assessing, and correcting the problems. This means that you unnecessarily waste money on labor hours that could be better spent on other tasks. 

The entire purpose of dunnage air bags is load stabilization. They keep your palletized loads in place and prevent them from shifting all over the trailer during transit. This means that a truck that’s packed with both products and air bags is much more likely to arrive safely, reducing the total amount of time it takes for your team to unpack the items.  

Fewer Damage Claims 

One common result of sending or receiving a truckload of goods that are damaged during transportation is the need to file an insurance claim. Anyone who’s ever submitted one of these claims knows just how much time and effort they take, not to mention how frustrating they can be. You’ll likely end up on the phone with customer service reps for hours and may or may not be compensated for your goods, all because some pallets tipped over while on the road. Thankfully, dunnage air bags can help you minimize the number of claims that you need to submit. In fact, placing air bags into the void left between pallets on a truck can actually reduce damage claims by as much as 80%.  

Decrease Worker Injuries 

Worker safety is the top priority of most businesses and protecting your employees is even more important than protecting your products. The good news is that dunnage air bags help you do both at the same time. Shifting products in the back of a trailer can easily fall onto a driver or employee when the back doors are opened, causing serious injury. Dunnage bags can help to minimize the likelihood of product and pallet shifting, meaning the chances of items falling out the back doors will also go down. This saves your employees from harm, as well as reduces the costs associated with injury claims.  

Maximize Efficiency and Savings 

Dunnage air bags offer a wide range of benefits. They save you money in more ways than one while helping to keep your team and products safe from harm. With exceptional advantages like these, it’s no surprise that so many shipping operations are utilizing dunnage air bags.  

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