Kraft Paper & Paper Systems Protect Your Products

Kraft paper and paper systems from The Packaging Group provide incredible protection to your goods while in transit. Use them to save money and keep customers happy.  

Each time your business ships out a product, it’s necessary to consider the damage that can occur to that item during transport. Whether it’s crushed by another package, handled by a careless delivery person, or sliding across a poorly-loaded truck, disaster can easily occur.  

What are the Consequences of Damaged Packages or Goods? 

First and foremost, added expenses 

Returned items  

Costly replacements 

Extra shipping charges 

Loss of future business from your customer 

What Can I Do to Prevent Product Damage During Transit?  

Luckily, there are a few easy and cost-effective ways to help protect your items while they’re on the road or in the air. The next time you box up an item to be sent to your customer, take a look at how much open space is left in the box. That empty area is an open field for your product to slide around and get shaken up, making it easily susceptible to harm.  

Kraft paper, commonly referred to as shipping paper and often identified as brown kraft paper, works phenomenally as a void fill. It simply fills the empty space (or void) in your box so that the item inside can’t move around.  

Won’t It Take Me A Lot of Time to Stuff Paper into Every Single Box?  

The short answer is no. Utilizing kraft paper rolls as void fill is a quick and simple process. However, you and your team can work even faster with the help of a manual or automatic paper cutter.  

How Does This Benefit My Business? 

As we outlined above, product damage can be incredibly costly. Adding kraft paper to your shipping process is a huge step toward protecting your items from catastrophe. It means that the next time a package handler carelessly tosses your items into a truck or onto a porch, your products stand a much better chance of surviving the impact completely intact. This means your customer is happy with their purchase and that you don’t have to pay for replacements and additional shipping costs. We look forward to helping you save money with kraft paper and paper systems.  

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