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Metal Head Mop Handles

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Metal, head, mop, handles, mops, equipment, mops, brooms, brushes, mops, brooms, brushes.

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Add to Favorites228727 THREADED HANDLE54in.X15 per 16in. 0.90 EA*
Add to Favorites228728 THREADED HANDLE60in.X15 per 16in. 1.00 EA
Add to Favorites228729 TAPERED HANDLE54in.X1-1 per 8in. 1.30 EA
Add to Favorites228730 TAPERED HANDLE60in.X1-1 per 8in. 1.30 EA
Add to Favorites228731 METAL TIP HANDLE60in.X15 per 16 1.10 EA
Add to Favorites228732 THREADED HANDLE60in.X1-1 per 8in. 1.50 EA
Add to Favorites231867 54JR QUICK CHANGE HDLE 1.70 EA
Add to Favorites231868 HANDLE 63in. SCREW CLAMP 2.20 EA
Add to Favorites231869 HANDLE 63in. QUICKCHANGE 2.50 EA
Add to Favorites231870 54in. JR SCREW CLAMP HDLE 1.70 EA
Add to Favorites231871 60in. SPRING-GRIP HDLE 2.00 EA
Add to Favorites231893 54in.MAID LIEFLAT HDLE 0.80 EA
Add to Favorites231894 60in. JAN LIEFLAT HDLE 1.30 EA
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