Plastic Packaging for Food: What to Know

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Plastic Packaging for Food: What to Know  In recent years, plastic packaging supplies have been on the receiving end of some pretty bad press. Because plastic is such an incredibly popular material for packaging, it’s also one of the more common items to see littered on the side of the road or tossed in a landfill to take up space for hundreds of years to come. Sustainably minded consumers across the world have their hearts in the right place and view plastic waste as one of the main concerns of the environmental movement that

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Gauge to Mil Conversion

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Gauge to Mil Conversion  When utilizing stretch film, poly bags, or other plastic packaging supplies to protect your valuable products, it’s necessary that you use the correct sizes and styles of each material. When you work with an optimally sized stretch film or plastic sheet, you ensure that your pallets will be able to withstand harsh travel or storage conditions. Below, you’ll find a handy breakdown of the meanings and conversions of each thickness measurement. We’ve even included a helpful gauge to mil conversion chart for easy

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Types of Void Fill

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Types of Void Fill  Void fill is one of the most ubiquitous categories of protective packaging available on the market. Businesses all across the world, from small in-home operations to the shipping centers at major corporations, utilize one or more of the many types of void fill in order to protect their products throughout the entire supply chain process. This helpful explainer goes over the most popular varieties of void fill to help you determine which might be the best fit for your specific items and

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Reasons to Work with a Packaging Distributor

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Reasons to Work with a Packaging Distributor  Whether you’ve just started your business or you’ve been in operation for decades, there’s one thing that every company always needs at one point or another – packaging supplies. When the time comes to find boxes, mailers, tape, and more, you need a reliable source that can provide high-quality goods quickly and for a reasonable price. Even better if they can provide an outstanding shopping experience with expert level knowledge of the products and services they have available. So where do you

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Collaborative Robots: What is a Cobot?

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Collaborative Robots: What is a Cobot?  The word robot tends to inspire visions of famous science fiction characters like R2-D2, The Iron Giant, or WALL-E. But what about their less well-known counterpart, collaborative robots (frequently called cobots)? This variety of automated robot may not be as widely recognized for starring in any Hollywood films, but they lend a huge helping hand to packaging lines and operations worldwide.   If you’ve been working in the packaging industry over the past few years, you likely understand that packaging automation is the way of the future. From case

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