10 ways to boost warehouse performance

10 ways to boost warehouse performancej

Boosting warehouse performance

How do you make your warehouse the most productive it can be? Research from the ARC Advisory Group suggests the best ways to boost warehouse performance. The article considers safety, productivity, customer service and people. Most warehouses will earn the highest marks for their safety and customer service.

Warehouse Safety75% of workers surveyed say that their warehouse is safe. This is a high percentage and a great way to keep your warehouse productive and moving forward. One of the problems with warehouse performance can be with employee turnover. Employee turnover is measured with both full-time and temporary workers. Temp worker turnover is usually beyond the control of management so it’s best to keep this in perspective. Measuring of both full-time and temp workers, 39% of respondents had a turnover of less than 10%, and nearly 30% had a turnover of less than 25%. Only about 10% had a turnover of over 50%.

Here’s the 10 ways to boost warehouse performance:

  1. Maintain a very well-lit warehouse
  2. Keep the place very clean
  3. Pay at least 50% more than minimum wage
  4. Offer non-financial pay (time off) for high performance
  5. Use conveyors and sorters
  6. Monitor individuals as they do their jobs
  7. Conduct 360 degree reviews of managers
  8. Train managers to provide effective feedback
  9. Monitor workers to be sure standard procedures are followed
  10. Automated your packaging process to increase capacity, reduce operating cost, and maximize efficiency


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