Poly Bag Conversion Chart

Converting and defining the different mils of poly bags is extremely important.  The following information can be a helpful guide in your bagging decision making process. In the chart below, we show you a mils measurement equivalency for inches and the best uses for the chosen sizes.

Mils Inches Best For
½ mil .0005′

Short-term use for lightweight products. A grocery store bag is ½ mil. A dry cleaning bag is ¾ mil.

¾ mil .00075′
1 mil .001′

Storing, displaying, and shipping everyday items such as food or clothes. A bread bag is 1.5 mils thick. A trade show bag or retail boutique bag is usually 2 mils.

1.5 mils .0015′
2 mils .002′
3 mil .003′

Providing scuff protection and tear resistance during shipping, especially for heavy or abrasive items. Industrial pallet covers are 3 mils.

4 mils .004′
5 mils .005′

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