Benefits and Details of Laser Labels

The laser labels we offer are the perfect alternative to the conventional identification, marking and asset management methods. These laser labels are as sturdy and secure as metal plates but with the benefits and flexibility of your typical adhesive labels. Our laser labels are suitable for endless marking applications and are ideal for marking:

  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Hand and power tools
  • Electronics
  • Transportation replacement parts
  • High value assets and more

Laser labels provide:

  • Durability and high resistance to ultraviolet light, chemicals, solvents, extreme temperatures and all weather conditions.
  • An adhesive system ideal for mating with a wide range of surfaces: painted, steel, aluminum and many kinds of plastics.
  • Totally customizable labeling solutions, including bar codes and two-dimensional data matrixes.
  • A highly secure, tamper-proof identification system.
  • Easy application – no rivets, screws, or spot welding necessary.

Laser Label Features

Laser labels make excellent alternatives to:

  • Costly, direct-part marking methods
  • Non-durable, general-purpose labeling
  • Metal tags and photo plates
  • Manual inventory tracking systems
  • Dot pin marking

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