Bulk containers for the food industry

IBC (intermediate bulk containers)

IBCs are rigid and collapsible totes for storage and transportation of dry flowable or liquid products. These bulk containers are great for the food industry as well as agriculture industry. They’re used to replace corrugated boxes or plastic containers.

The Stacksack is a bulk container from Composite Containers. This IBC can be stacked up to 5 units high, saving crucial space for your warehouse. These containers are lightweight and collapsible for easy use and storage of your products and the containers themselves.

bulk containersBenefits of bulk containers

  • Ready to Fill in Seconds
  • No Assembly
  • Saves Labor
  • Single Person Setup; Lightweight
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Stackable and Collapsible
  • Saves Valuable Space; Packs Flat
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Not Affected By Moisture
  • Protects Products
  • Eliminates Wood & Fiber

FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers)

flexible bulk containers bagsThese products are large bags made from a woven polypropylene fabric. Not used for liquid, these containers are designed for the storage and transport of any dry flowable product. The food industry uses these for transportation and storage of all sorts of products. Everything from chocolate, to lettuce.

Each bag is made custom for the customers’ application and requirements. Get in touch with us to talk about products from Composite Containers. If you’re using corrugated storage and shipping containers, there’s a packaging solution waiting for you from IPS Packaging.


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