Case Packing Equipment for Multiple Operations

Are you looking for the best possible packaging solution for snack packs, household cleaners or medical supplies? IPS Packaging can help. When companies need to pack up their products in bulk in a timely manner it can be difficult to locate the best way to package without damaging the merchandise, and without breaking the budget.

IPS Packaging can provide different alternatives for case packing equipment that will save you both time and money.

Servo Pick and Place (Shown)

Servo Pick and Place:

This case packing equipment has a 90” rotation on Pick Head and is integrated with Plemons Tray Erector. This packing equipment is easy to use and is perfect for packaging snack foods or plastic cups.

2-EZHS DPI High Speed Drop Packer:

This packer is complete with a product diverter, quick change lane guides and 90” case conveyor system. Perfect for packaging household cleaners.

DP Drop Packer:

This case packer is complete with slip sheet inverter, compression station, case pusher and reject system, case labeling system and checkweighter. All the things you need for packaging medical supplies.

IPS Packaging is a leading provider of packaging supplies, packaging equipment and packaging solutions. If you would like to know more about IPS Packaging, call 800.277.7007 or email our Sales team.

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