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Produce packaging market posting growth

Produce packaging in the US is rapidly changing as technology continues to unwrap innovative options reflecting consumer convenience and product freshness. Although once a tried and true packaging method, ordinary packaging trays and boxes are being redesigned, improved on and passed into the market each day. A recent report from the research firm, the Freedonia Group, predicts that demand for produce packaging in the U.S. will reach nearly $6 billion by 2017. This growth rate is expected to outpace fresh produce production. In addition, increased nutritional awareness is expected to lead to a growth in the consumption of fruits and produce as part of a healthier lifestyle.

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Molding New Packaging Ideas With Plastic Parts Manufacturer

A manufacturer of complex plastic parts for health care, consumer and electronics markets used a hand-counting and hand-loading system. The hand-loading system was inefficient and time-intensive, with inherently higher labor costs.

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Top Sheeting Improvement Passes USDA Standards

plastic sheeting for the construction industry

A fumigation company that provides services for the USDA on shipping containers called IPS Packaging and asked for the “best price on 2 skids of 32′ wide sheeting and 4 skids of 40′ sheeting.” While speaking with an IPS packaging specialist, the customer was asked numerous questions about the his comapny’s specific needs

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Sharp MAX Plus® – Effective Packaging for the OEM Parts Industry

manufacturer of emergency warning equipment was printing instruction sheets on paper to include with each product. The company’s method of providing instructions to customers added to the cost of printing and assembly.

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Bagging Machines Cut Time, Labor, and Costs

poly bag with jelly beans

A manufacturing company that produces small electronics and accessories was interested in finding a solution to their slow and somewhat inaccurate hand-bagging operation. Upon learning about IPS Packaging, the manufacturing company decided to contact IPS and seek out a solution to their dilemma.

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