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Guide: The Ultimate #Packaging Knowledge Guides are here

Learn more about the key elements of packaging your pallets with our new #PackagingKnowledge guides: The Ultimate Stretch Wrap Guide: Stretch film is used to wrap items on pallets, securing them to themselves and the pallet during the shipping process or for storage purposes, reducing product damage and loss, as well as discouraging pallet tampering and pilferage. The Definitive Strapping Guide: Strapping is one of the most used methods of unitization in packaging. Our definitive strapping guide will give you all the information

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eBook: Lost customers are little known side effect of shipping damage

A 2014 report claimed that only 5% of consumers feel their customer experience exceeded their expectations and some 29% say that companies miss the mark. But, perhaps the bigger concern is that customers now feel empowered to complain about their dissatisfaction: 93% of customers talk about good experiences at least occasionally. 46% talk about their good experiences all of the time. 95% of customers will report their poor experiences to others some of the time. 60% will tell others about poor experiences all of the time. The survey shows, “On average,

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Are you ready to meet The One? Guaranteed to change your life

Are you looking for the perfect partner?  One who works with you, who helps you to become successful?  The one who isn’t high maintenance and wants nothing more than to take care of your needs? Don’t worry: I have The One for you! Meet Maxwell, Smartbagger’s new Intelligent Interface from Intellipack.  The Maxwell™ system offers the same reliable foam-in-place packaging performance with a more powerful user interface, giving users more control and customization options. By easily adapting to your specific needs, Maxwell provides the control and metrics

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Protection made less messy with foam-in-place

Oh, whoa to the one who opens the package filled with packing peanuts. How many times have you opened a shipment and seen nothing but a sea of packing peanuts looking back at you? You realize that you’re about to make an unholy mess trying to find your item (or items) and then you’re going to have to make sure to clean up said mess before your kids or pets find them and those tiny, obnoxious little peanuts are strewn throughout your

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eBook: How much does shipping damage really cost?

Quality delivery improves customer loyalty. The buying experience dramatically improves when they open a package to discover products exactly as they expected. To be honest, anyone of us would be more likely to understand damage to a paperback book we ordered off of Amazon over the newest iPhone we ordered. Easy access to purchase and parts with the hassle of foam peanuts and bubble wrap is also a real plus, as is the easy removal of contents with the hassle of containers

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