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5 Keys to a Successful Packing Station

packing station

Many people greet the New Year with goals and resolutions to improve their health, happiness, and quality of life. Well, I think we’d all be better off come next December if we did the same for our packing stations. Let’s throw some tinsel in with the Biodegradable loose-fill and usher in the New Year with an upgraded packing station. 1. Take control over “in-the-box” packaging materials Using too much, too little, or the wrong materials can lead to unwanted waste.

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Rite-Gauging: The quickest way to improve product protection

Stretch Wrap Automation

What is “rite-gauging?” Rite-gauging is the application of the correct film, thickness, overlap, revolutions, and force-to-load that ensures equal containment force to the top, middle, and bottom of a pallet load. It helps to set a containment standard that is measureable, repeatable, and cost effective, while also reducing risk and variance. Rite-gauging treats every application as a unique set of circumstances and variables because every situation is unique. Just because stretch film is involved, doesn’t mean applications are universal: how you use stretch film can make

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Guide: The Ultimate #Packaging Knowledge Guides are here

Learn more about the key elements of packaging your pallets with our new #PackagingKnowledge guides: The Ultimate Stretch Wrap Guide: Stretch film is used to wrap items on pallets, securing them to themselves and the pallet during the shipping process or for storage purposes, reducing product damage and loss, as well as discouraging pallet tampering and pilferage. The Definitive Strapping Guide: Strapping is one of the most used methods of unitization in packaging. Our definitive strapping guide will give you all the information

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Guide: The Definitive Strapping Guide is the newest #PackagingKnowledge guide

Knowledge is power. And the right knowledge about strapping puts the power in your hands. Did you know that with the dramatic increase in the cost of steel, many companies are finding that plastic or poly strapping provides the same performance at a fraction of the cost? Most of these companies are saving, on average, 78%. Achieving dramatic annual savings with seemingly small changes in materials or application isn’t something that typically happens overnight. But with over 40 years experience partnering with a

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eBook: Lost customers are little known side effect of shipping damage

A 2014 report claimed that only 5% of consumers feel their customer experience exceeded their expectations and some 29% say that companies miss the mark. But, perhaps the bigger concern is that customers now feel empowered to complain about their dissatisfaction: 93% of customers talk about good experiences at least occasionally. 46% talk about their good experiences all of the time. 95% of customers will report their poor experiences to others some of the time. 60% will tell others about poor experiences all of the time. The survey shows, “On average,

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