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CPG Packaging Today: What You Should Know

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CPG Packaging Today: What You Should Know  Just about every person across the nation has used some sort of consumer packaged good before. No matter where you live or work, you’ve almost definitely purchased or handled one of these commonplace products. Frequently referred to as CPGs, fast moving consumer goods, or FMCGs, consumer packaged goods are items that can be found in homes, offices, stores, and more all over the world. But what exactly are consumer packaged goods? Simply enough, these versatile items are low-cost products that tend to sell

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Ecommerce Packaging for Beginners

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Ecommerce Packaging for Beginners  Living in the 21st century in the United States just about ensures that you’ve done some online shopping. Chances are that you’ve made purchases at ecommerce giants like Amazon or eBay or shopped for something new on the website of your favorite local retailer. No matter where you choose to spend your dollars, it’s nearly impossible to avoid online shopping in the modern world. Maybe you’ve even considered starting up your very own Etsy shop or offering online sales to your existing brick-and-mortar location and are wondering how to successfully get your

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Sustainable Packaging Myths

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Sustainable Packaging Myths  One of the biggest trends in modern packaging is the shift toward eco-friendly materials and processes. Companies and consumers alike are making conscious efforts to utilize green packaging supplies that are better for our environment than the popular choices of previous years. In fact, one 2020 survey indicated that 74% of American shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, with up to ¼ of that 74% willing to spend as much as 10% more on average. While this is excellent news

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Holiday Packaging Tips

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Holiday Packaging Tips  December is finally upon us and that can only mean one thing – the holiday season has arrived. Christmas lights are twinkling, hot cocoa is warming on the stove, and Santa will be here soon. For those of us working in the ecommerce industry, this time of year also means that orders are (hopefully!) high, customers need their purchases before Christmas Day, and safe shipping is essential. To help you get through the holiday season with satisfied

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Plastic Packaging for Food: What to Know

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Plastic Packaging for Food: What to Know  In recent years, plastic packaging supplies have been on the receiving end of some pretty bad press. Because plastic is such an incredibly popular material for packaging, it’s also one of the more common items to see littered on the side of the road or tossed in a landfill to take up space for hundreds of years to come. Sustainably minded consumers across the world have their hearts in the right place and view plastic waste as one of the main concerns of the environmental movement that

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