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Cold Seal Packaging Benefits

cold seal cohesive packaging materials and equipment

How does cold seal packaging work? You may have head about cold seal packaging and the many other names associated with the process. Cohesive packaging, self-seal adhesives, and cold seal adhesives, we’re all talking about the same thing. How does it work? It’s a unique process used to seal products. Natural rubber is used in the process, along with adding resins and other additives to make them adhesive. A cold seal film is applied on each of the substrate of

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Cohesive Packaging Applications

cohesive packaging

Improve packaging efficiency with cohesive material Self-adhering cohesive packaging creates a quick wrap around any product. All it takes is a little pressure, preferably by automated equipment, and your product is protected. The cold seal sticks to itself and nothing else with a natural rubber latex. There’s different types of cohesive packaging materials too. What are cohesive packaging materials? Cohesive paper Cohesive corrugated Cohesive film Cohesive linerboard Cohesive bubble Cohesive paper– Economical and easy to use material that closes around

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The Packmaster: Heaviest, strongest paper void filler yet

The strongest paper void fill solutions are typically successful in the industrial and automotive industries. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one packing system which could pack pretty much anything? Well with our bestselling Packmaster™ you can! The Packmaster™ system is the ultimate paper packaging system. Not only does it use 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable twin ply paper, it can be moulded to the shape of just about product from fragile glassware to heavy industrial products. How good is

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Transitioning large media company to environmentally‐friendly protective packaging

The US operation for a leading global disseminator of information media fulfills printed book orders from three VA facilities—the main plant, plus two satellite warehouse locations. In addition to improving its protective packaging performance, the customer was also interested in converting to a system that would help support its environmental initiatives. The incumbent products included FP’s Novus system coupled with its Supertube material to create “tubular” protective packaging on demand. The company was experiencing equipment performance issues as well as cushioning air‐retention failures. The Airspeed

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Major book publisher improves productivity, reduces maintenance

For several years, this well-known publisher has been using Storopack’s PAPERplus® Shooter to create void fill for its cases of books. The company had been experiencing multiple, ongoing problems—such as jamming and safety concerns—at its Midwest distribution center. As a result, it frequently had to deploy its maintenance staff to correct the problems. In addition to equipment performance, the packers were challenged by the complicated roll-loading. One of their packaging distributors, which had been selling other items into the account,

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