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Dunnage air bags protect truckloads during shipping

dunnage air bag protection during shipping

Shipping air bags for product protection Dunnage air bags are the key to protecting truckloads during the shipping and receiving process. Dunnage is referred to as the material used to load and secure cargo during transportation. It can be used in numerous ways of transportation, including road, railway, ocean, or air. For our discussion, we’ll keep it focused on truckloads, both full and LTL (less than truckload). Simply put, dunnage air bags are air-filled pouches that fill the void between

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Video: IPS Full Truck AirBags

Dunnage Airbag Full Truck Demonstration

This video depicts how full truck load airbags help prevent products from shifting during the ride and being damage. IPS Packaging air bags are the most reliable and economical cushioning and bracing products available to provide your shipments with quality care. The Dunnage system air bags have been proven to be the best in load bracing, from boxes of crackers to television sets, from plywood boards to rolls of paper. IPS Packaging provides only the most reliable and top of

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Video: Demonstration of Air Bag Installation

air bag installation

Dunnage air bag installation takes as long as five minutes for each bag needed in freight securement. When setting up dunnage air bags, it is important to follow these helpful hints. As shown in the below video demonstration, the installation of dunnage air bags is quick, easy and helps prevent your loads from arriving damaged or shifted. Narrow The Void Whenever Possible By: To set up a demonstration on how air bags can work in your packaging operation, contact one

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