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Corner Board: Maximize packaging protection and support

Business to business, business to end user, if the package does not arrive in good shape, the business has a problem. Damaged packaging means unsaleables, unusables, and unacceptables. It means returns from unhappy customers, it tests customer loyalty, and it costs businesses billions every year. In these days, the internet offers new options and opens new doors. It also increases the demand for immediate and improved service. A supply chain depends on seamless operation, and logistics demands the best in delivery systems. After all, end users do not really care who is at fault when their product arrives in damaged condition. Every link in a supply chain has its own cost. And, each of those costs add to the price of the final product. Competitive businesses feel they are already working close to the bone, and their margins take a direct hit with every damaged container. The container may hold boxes of dry goods, fresh food, electronics and peripherals, glass or other breakables, or any of the goods that feed the economy. Corner boards provide protective support to containers during storage, handling, and shipping. And, the following explores their make-up, applications, and values to originating business and end user customer.

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Angleboard importance in packaging

Many companies in fact use the wrong size of corner board. Using boards that are too large yields unnecessary waste while too small does not provide the proper level of protection for the product being packaged. Angleboard is an innovative solution to safeguard shipments both in and out of transit. When sized correctly, it works to protect the stretch film surrounding the load, packaging of the product and the product itself. Furthermore, it not only protects the corners of packaged product, but also adds structural strength to the pallet for stacking purposes.

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Strapping and Edge Protectors


Standard Grade Strap Edge Protectors Standard grade strap protectors are the most common choice for strap protection. Often used to protect roll and sheet metal goods. Can be applied to a variety of products manually and secured with manual or semi-automatic strapping tools/machines. Machine Grade Strap Edge Protectors Machine grade strap protectors provide superior protection from strap damage for products in the dimensional lumber and plywood industries. Can be manufactured to your exact specifications using our quality Protect-A-Board and Protect-A-Wrap

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Reddi-Crate™laminated paperboard packaging helps prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. An excellent replacement product for wooden crates that are shipped overseas, its patented preformed profiles and two end closures form a shipping container that provides superior strength and protection for almost any application. Reddi-Crate has a smooth surface and interior that is non-abrasive to products. Its standard exterior is a white clay coat, but other finishes are available to meet your specific applications. Reddi-Crate can be

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What is Cornerboard

Cornerboard defined You may hear it called cornerboard, edgeboard, and angleboard. We’re all talking about the same basic idea though. Protecting the edge of products on pallets from strapping, stretch film, and other damages that may happen from storage or shipping. Cornerboard gives greater protection to all products. The solid fiber construction gives additional protection from forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area. These products are applied to corners of pallet loads and protect against

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