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Paper packaging solutions

Easypack Quantum XTW paper packaging system The new Easypack Quantum XTW is a paper packaging system designed with high volume in mind. This void fill system that utilizes fanfold paper. This paper style makes it easier to convert large quantities of protective packaging materials. Perfect for packing sharp objects, loose items, and filling the voids in packages to reduce dimensional weights. Users can load a 30-pound paper bundle in a matter of seconds, by lifting it via the paper straps. The

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The Packmaster: Heaviest, strongest paper void filler yet

The strongest paper void fill solutions are typically successful in the industrial and automotive industries. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one packing system which could pack pretty much anything? Well with our bestselling Packmaster™ you can! The Packmaster™ system is the ultimate paper packaging system. Not only does it use 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable twin ply paper, it can be moulded to the shape of just about product from fragile glassware to heavy industrial products. How good is

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Paper or plastic? The age old question touches packaging too

Paper or plastic? You used to hear the question every time you went to the grocery store. Somewhere along the way, we, as a society, decided that plastic is better. Or is it? That depends on who you ask. Or what you’re doing. Or what you need to protect. It’s time to give some thought to a paper void fill system. Plastic void fill packaging has it’s place, but so too does paper void fill packaging. Both protect your products during shipment.

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Paper Void Fill: What’s “Inside the Box” Really Matters

How well are your products protected inside the box? Paper void fill: one of the most effective ways to protect your products during shipping. But how do you know what kind of void fill is the right kind? Do you go with a price point or a style? Do you look at what customers really want in their packaging? How exactly should you be choosing your paper void fill? Honestly, price should probably be the least of your concerns: when

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How are your customers reacting to your packaging?

You know how you feel about your packaging. But, have you thought about how your customers feel about your packaging? And does it even matter? Apparently – the answer is yes. I ran across this really interesting study conducted by one of our vendors. The goal of the study was to measure consumer emotional response to different protective packaging mediums. While some of the results may not be surprising, some were and some are really good food for thought as you

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