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Packaging Sustainability and the Debate Between Two Means of Improvement

A recent packaging event held with many industry leaders aimed to determine the best overall options about making packaging more sustainable, according to Packaging Digest.

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Packaging Supplies Market Dominated By Innovation

In the realm of packing products, there’s a large amount of creativity and change that’s continually leading to new levels of innovation. Some of the latest trends are more prevalent in the industry than ever, with new ones finding their way to the mainstream faster than ever.

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Air Pillow Packaging Equipment: AirSpeed HC Cushioning System

Do you find yourself in need of air pillows that both protect your products and enhance your versatility at the same time? Well, you’re in luck because the Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa can do both of those things and then some. This air pillow packaging system can handle cushioning, wrapping, blocking, bracing, and void fill – all in one handy automated packaging machine. Pregis HC, short for Hybrid Cushioning, is an inflatable film that offers premium performance capability. It is

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Packaging Machines And Reducing Material Costs

While many packaging functions can be addressed by human labor, there are better ways of handling these processes, which can inevitably contribute to better supply chain management and a reduction in materials costs.

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Packaging Automation Processes – Automation Of Stretch Film

Automation processes can play a huge roll in increasing efficiency along the supply chain, saving both money and time, while ensuring quality.

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