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Plastic sheeting uses for the construction industry

Plastic Sheeting for the Construction Industry The construction industry uses plastic sheeting on job sites across the nation. You can find it protecting construction supplies and providing temporary support of structures. Plastic sheeting is great for the construction industry because the polyethylene material is made to stand up to pressures and natural elements. Sheeting for construction is also referred to as C&A Film, or construction and agriculture film. These films are friendly to the environment and have excellent durability, even

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Plastic Sheeting Industrial Terms

Plastic sheeting conveys a diverse classification of  industrial sheeting terms. You may know the term “plastic sheeting” as one of these other names: plastic liners, vapor barriers, vapor retarders, films, polyethylene sheeting, poly film, plastic sheeting, c&a film, visqueen, plastic film, reinforced plastic, self-adhesive films, tarps, greenhouse films, plastic covering, construction and agricultural films, garden films and so on. Plastic sheeting is most commonly manufactured from polyethylene resin as its main ingredient.  Other additives can be added to it. Plastic

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