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Steel strapping tool – SLB

signode slb steel strapping hand tool

The Signode SLB (seal-less battery powered) combination tool A new product from Signode is designed for use with steel strapping. The Signode SLB Seal-less strapping tool is battery-run with versatility in mind. It works with strapping with widths of 1/2” and 3/4”. This tool bands and applies a seal-less joint to connect the strapping, perfect for heavy-duty applications. With Signode’s battery powered design, strapping can be done with a simple click of a button. Steel strapping versatility The Signode SLB

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Strapping Overview

Strapping Tools

Strapping has a lot of terminology and different things to consider when selecting the perfect strapping for your application. Things to think about: Break Strength The amount of force required to break the strapping is expressed in pounds. Camber The side to side curvature of strapping. Machine grade strapping must be camber free to allow the strapping to move through the equipment. Cord Strapping Manufactured from polyester fiber. Polyester fiber is one of the strongest synthetic fibers made. Commonly used

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