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Packaging waste remains major concern among industry leaders

Among the many issues that affect packing products companies, packaging waste remains a major one.

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How much is sustainability changing the way we package?

Sustainability is a big push in 2016. And with online purchasing being an ever bigger aspect of our economy, the packaging that people are receiving those items in is quickly becoming a major aspect in the sustainability push. But with boxes with more and more recycled material, are we getting the same quality of packaging that we were in the past? And if we aren’t, how are we able to get our money’s worth out of our packaging? First of all,

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Supply chain sustainability: save money and Mother Earth

What do the numbers 500 million, 2 billion, 7.6 billion, and $6 billion have in common with the supply chain? Give up? Wood pallets. Each year, we produce 500 million new wooden pallets and on any given day there are 2 billion wooden pallets in circulation.  Approximately 7.6 billion board feet of lumber is used annually to build these pallets equating to $6 billion in annual sales for the lumber industry, building the pallets that are used for shipping, storage, and distribution within the

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Bioplastics use expected to grow in the packaging industry

Consider the following statistics: “In 2001, the United States generated approximately two hundred thirty million (230 million) tons of waste (before recycling) – or approximately 4.4 pounds per person each day. Of this municipal waste, plastics currently account for approximately 11 percent, with plastic containers and packaging being the chief source, accounting for more than 11 million tons in 2001 (or about 5 percent) of the total waste generated that year.” Due to statistics such as mentioned above, packaging researchers are looking for more ways to both develop and promote the use of “bioplastics.” Bioplastics refers to those materials made from “renewable resources.” This environmentally-friendly packaging material type is widely considered to be a key driver in the packaging market in the near future.

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Compostable packaging: future market initiatives

Packaging changes have increasingly and repeatedly led to completely new emphases in the overall market, especially as companies work to make their packages more environmentally friendly. One result that has come out of this is a new focus on compost, in an attempt to show that companies truly care about the future environmental impacts their products may have.
A press release by Ecovative reported that the company plans on expanding its high-performing protective packaging foam, Mushroom Packaging, into new markets.

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