Colored stretch wrap: Stand out in the market

Stretch wrap in all the colors

Colored stretch wrapRemember everyone’s friend Roy G. Biv from school? Well, he’s back, mostly, and this time we’re talking stretch film. Colored stretch wrap can help you stand out in a saturated market. Red, orange, yellow, blue, they’re all here to help easily identify wrapped pallets. Hand plastic wrap is ideal for quickly wrapping a load without the hassle of large stretch wrap equipment. But just because it may look cool, there’s more uses for this wrap than just looks.

Uses for colored stretch wrap

Colored film comes in a variety of colors to provide easy identification, product coding, and dating. It’s also good against tampering. It’s pretty obvious if a pallet covered in bright yellow stretch has been broken into.

Color coding is also a great way to stay organized. No more reloading and cross docking of freight because of a mess up. The easy to see colors helps your process run smoothly.

Pallets in color film

Look how easy these pallets are to differentiate.

  • Easy Load Identification
  • Tamperproof evidence
  • Product and Transit Coding
  • Improved Appearance

Western Plastics make a type of colored film line called Identi-film. They’re available in hand and machine rolls and in different levels of tints and opaqueness. Available in 15”, 18”, and 20”, there’s a color of stretchwrap that will benefit you. IPS Packaging carries this pallet wrap in 7 different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, and white.


Yellow FIlm

15″ x 1500′ 80 Gauge Yellow Handwrap

Colored red film stretch

18″ x 1500′ 80 Gauge Red Handwrap

Green stretch wrap

15″ x 1500′ 80 Gauge Green Handwrap

Blue Film

15″ x 1500′ 80 Gauge Blue Handwrap

orange colored handwrap

18″ x 1500′ 80 Gauge Orange Handwrap

black handwrap

18″ x 1500′ Black 80 Gauge Handwrap


















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