Corrugated Flutes and Combos

Corrugated flutes describe the structure of the material in the center (wave-shaped cardboard) that makes up the board’s corrugation. There are several different types of flutes, ranging from A to F.

A-Flutes: 36 Flutes/linear foot (The highest flute size).

B-Flutes: 49 Flutes/linear foot (Lower arch heights than “A”).

C-Flutes: 41 Flutes/linear foot (Split difference between “A” and “B”).

E-Flutes: 90 Flutes/linear foot (Greatest number of flutes/foot).

F-Flutes: 128 Flutes/linear foot (Most popular choice for corrugated).

Flute Types:

Corrugated Combos

Single board consists of two liners separated by medium in one of four typical flute configurations: C, B, A or E.

These flutes evolved over time in response to changing manufacturing and distribution demands. The letter sequence refers to the sequence of development.

Corrugated Combos:

Corrugated Combos

Doublewall consists of two outside liners and a middle liner separated by two mediums. Typically B and C mediums are used in combination.

Triplewall consists of four liners separated by three mediums.

Linerboard Combos:


Linerboard combos come is different shapes and sizes. For questions, please contact one of our sales specialists today.

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