Custom Paper Bubble Mailers

Custom Paper Bubble Mailers Stock Kraft Airjacket paper bubble mailers are available through our convenient stock products program. The stock Kraft Airjacket paper bubble mailer program is comprised of ten stock industry standard sizes. However, how would you like to give your package something extra? Would you like your paper bubble mailer to stand out among the sea of stock mailers in a shipment? How would you like your company’s package to stand out and catch the eyes of potential customers over your competition’s packaging? Stand out in the shipment! Standing out is made simple and easy with our Kraft Airjacket Bubble Mailers Custom Solutions program. Why not customize your package? Increase customer awareness of your brand by customizing your package by simply utilizing our six color printing capabilities. Our six color printing capability enables us to print even the most complex designs. Ensure that your package will stand out and make as big of a mark on your customer base as the product inside! Contact us to find out how to customize your Kraft Airjacket paper bubble mailers today!


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