Dunnage Air Bags: Quick Information

Gorilla Bag
The Gorilla Bag offers some standard benefits over typical dunnage air bags. When rigidity means more than elasticity, this AAR verified, moisture resistant bag becomes a perfect solutions for some businesses.

The Gorilla Bag Features

  • High Strength Polyethylene Liner and Woven Polypropylene outer shell
  • Pretend Turbo Flow valve is a standard feature on all bags. Bags fill four times faster than most other bags on the market.
  • Verified by the Association of American Railroads for applicable applications
  • Moisture resistant
  • High burst pressure

The Gorilla Bag Benefits

  • Offers tremendous load force
  • Expands and contracts with changes in temperature and altitude
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Rigid
  • Moisture resistant
  • Expands to fill large voids
  • Low cost air inflators available
  • Gauged inflators available
  • Our bags are subject to the toughest quality tests to ensure maximum performance

Turbo Inflation System

  • The only patented gauged turbo inflation tool on the market
  • Inflates any size and type of bag four times faster and still allows you to gauge the pressure accurately
  • Metal Turbo Flow inflator available for use on lightweight and level 1 bags. No gauging required and the bag can not be over inflated.
  • Sizes: We offer a variety of stocked sizes in both 36″ and 48″ widths.

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