Benefits of ergonomic workstations (and how they optimize the workplace)

Optimizing the workplace

What if there were a way to help employees optimize their work environment? How about also maximizing efficiency and reducing costs associated with time off and workplace injuries?  Customizable ergonomic workstations, can provide this opportunity to you and your employees. Ergonomic workstations are designed to allow employees to tap into the true potential they have.

The total package

Organize your packaging materials and equipment with an ergonomic workstation. Select the popular packing configuration, design your own workstation solution or we can help customize to meet your special needs.

Ergonomic Workstation for packaging

Ergonomic workstations for any need

One of the best things about ergonomic workstations is that they are completely customizable to fit exactly what your company needs. First, table tops can be fixed or height adjustable. This givers the option to have a table be one use or multi-use depending on the needs of your business. The height adjustable tables also have an option for manual or powered movement. These options give further customization to fit your exact needs.


Basic accessories include:

  • Articulating shelving
  • Task lights
  • Monitor arms
  • Keyboard trays
  • Bins
  • Bag and cardboard storage
  • Ball transfer tops

IPS Packaging - ergonomic workstations

Workstation productivity


Consider the stress and strain of repetitive motion in the workplace. It’s easy to see that that coming up with a solution to reduce these things can be very beneficial on many fronts. Now consider the productivity of workers in repetitive motion jobs. Studies have shown that by optimizing workplace design, you can increase productivity by up to 25% compared to working at a standard tabletop station.

Ergonomic workstations increase production 25%

The ergonomic design process allows you to do this through putting highly used items within reach of the operator without them having to stretch, much less leave their chair. Secondary items are also close, with just a simple arm raise required to reach these things. Low use items are also close by, so employees don’t have to go wandering around looking for these things they may use once a day. All these factors work together to streamline workflow while reducing operator fatigue and strain on their bodies.

full station ergonomic workspace

Reducing costs

In addition to the uptick you will see in production, ergonomic workstations have been proven to reduce costs associated with worker injuries. When employees make repetitive motion while in compromised positions with poor posture, the risk of injury increases dramatically. By utilizing a range of adjustable components, workstations can be configured to meet the needs of 90% of operators. Ergonomists refer to this as the 5th to 95th percentile.

By correctly positioning their bodies, these workstations helped save on the $20 billion spend on repetitive motion-related injuries in the last year alone. Keeping workers in the workplace and operating efficiently are keys to maximizing ROI on your investment as a company.

With all the benefits of using ergonomic workstations, the only thing standing between you and increased productivity is one phone call. Let us help you make your workplace a safer, smarter place to work.

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