Helping a media company find environmentally-friendly packaging

System approach transitions media company to environmentally-friendly protective packaging

Products / Equipment: AirSpeed 5000 inflatable void-fill packaging system offers speed, versatility, durability, and functionality. This unit converts film “on-demand” into inflatable packaging at a rate of 75 feet per minute.

EP-Flex Renew is a high performance, low density polyethylene air pillow film with up to 50% less resin than competitive inflatable void-fill products. The film structure contains a proprietary organic additive that accelerates microbial biodegradation, without compromising recyclability.

Project Overview: The US operation for a leading global disseminator of information media fulfills printed book orders from three VA facilities – the main plant, plus two satellite warehouse locations. In addition to improving its protective packaging performance, the customer was also interested in converting to a system that would help support its environmental initiatives.

The incumbent products included FP’s Novus system coupled with its Supertube material to create “tubular” protective packaging on demand. The company was experiencing equipment performance issues as well as cushioning air-retention failures.

AirSpeed 5000

The AirSpeed 5000’s track record, coupled with EP-Flex Renew’s environmental benefits, seemed to offer the feature/benefits the customer desired. After reviewing this offering, the company embarked on a rigorous trial period to test performance. Upon completion of the trial, the company installed 22 units in and throughout its facilities.

The win was made possible because of a combination of equipment superiority (speed), material profile (less resin/biodegradable), and an improved working environment for employees.

The conversion was communicated to their end customers by including a flyer in each shipment describing EP-Flex Renew’s properties and detailing its ability to biodegrade.

To help minimize labor and improve changeover efficiency, EP-Flex Renew is being supplied in 2600 linear foot rolls (compared to the 1250 foot rolls used previously)


  • Blazing speed: 75 feet per minute; no need for bulky storage dispensing systems
  • Portable: No compressed air needed on this void fill packaging system
  • Compact: Easily fits into any packaging operation, large or small
  • Easy to operate: Load film and start machine
  • Low maintenance: Minimal parts means fewer repairs
  • Versatile: Single system produces void fill packaging of varied sizes
  • Flexible: Adjust cushion fill pressure; measure chain length by feet

IPS Packaging suggested the use of an AirSpeed 5000 inflatable void-fill system.

  • Quicker, more efficient packaging operation
  • Improved air flow and work environment for employees
  • Removal of three overhead “dust collectors”
  • Improved sustainability and biodegradability

Total Packaging Cost Summary

  • Material= 50% reduction in resin compared to competitive inflatable void-fill products
  • Space = 25% increase in pack area space
  • Labor = 15 % reduction in labor
  • Sustainability = EP Flex Renew Film is biodegradable as well as recyclable

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