Holiday Packaging Tips

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Holiday Packaging Tips 

December is finally upon us and that can only mean one thing – the holiday season has arrived. Christmas lights are twinkling, hot cocoa is warming on the stove, and Santa will be here soon. For those of us working in the ecommerce industry, this time of year also means that orders are (hopefully!) high, customers need their purchases before Christmas Day, and safe shipping is essential. To help you get through the holiday season with satisfied shoppers and a great experience, here are a few holiday packaging tips.  

The Most Wonderful Box Size brown subscription box with black writing saying holiday box with white drawn christmas ornament decorations

It may seem obvious, but in order to get your packages out the door and on their way, you’ll need boxes or mailers to place them in. When it comes to these outer packaging materials, it’s important to understand that they need to be the ideal size for your individual products – not too big and not too small. Obviously, a box or mailer that is too small for your item won’t be able to hold it, but many make the mistake of getting a package that’s too large. It may seem like a good way to save money (just get a box that fits your biggest product, right?), but ends up resulting in excess shipping costs and items that arrive damaged because they moved around inside their package too much during transit or handling. When your box or mailer is just right for your product, it makes holiday packaging just right for your customer. 

Ring a Bell for Protective Packaging 

Even though it’s important during every season of the year, one of the most essential holiday packaging tips is to always utilize protective materials. If you plan to ship your products out in corrugated or cardboard boxes, it’s not only necessary to use the right size, but also to ensure that you’ve included adequate void fill or cushioning. These protective packaging materials help to prevent dings, cracks, and other breakage that may occur when your item bumps against the walls of its own container during shipping and handling. On the outside of that same container, you should always make sure to create secure seals and closures. Using the right type of adhesive or packaging tape allows a firm closure that can stop the box from breaking open or the mailer from ripping apart at what would otherwise be their weakest points. Preventing product damage is always a necessity, but can especially ruin the good cheer of a festive holiday season.  

Holly Jolly Design Elements 

Part of the fun when it comes to holiday packaging tips is festive decoration. This is your chance to enjoy yourself and create an exciting aesthetic for your customers to enjoy as well. Some ideas of holiday themed packaging elements could be custom printed packaging tape (maybe some cute reindeer or Santa hats) or red, green, and gold colored tissue paper. Not only do these features look stunning, but they’re also functional. Better yet, your buyers are more likely to snap a photo of your festive packaging and post it to their social media channels for all the world to see, which is an easy and appealing advertising method for your business.  

Festive, Functional, and Return Friendly large decorated christmas tree in wood paneled living room with piles of wrapped presents underneath

In the days following Christmas, many people take time away from work or school to relax and spend time with loved ones. Oftentimes, this period includes boxing up and sending back the gifts we don’t need. As an ecommerce retailer, that means one of the important holiday packaging tips to focus on is making your packaging return friendly. If you make it simple for consumers to repackage the new sweater that’s a size too small or drop off a gadget they were gifted twice, they’ll be more likely to patronize your business again in the future. Buyers tend to remember positive experiences with the brands they shop with, so be sure to make the holidays merry and bright, even if it means returning your products. 

Good Cheer for All 

Though it isn’t usually the focus of anyone’s Christmas seasons, it is abundantly clear that packaging can make or break a person’s holiday. With these simple holiday packaging tips, you can not only enhance your customer’s Christmas, but also ensure that it’s one of the jolliest holidays they’ve ever had. If you’re ready to get started on your holiday packaging, contact our expert team of account managers today. 

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