Hybrid void-fill cushions beat out competition

An online retailer of aftermarket automotive parts had been using several protective packaging materials; Kraft Paper, Large Bubble and AirPouch® FastWrap™ from Automated Packaging Systems. However, the company was not satisfied with the performance of FastWrap™ due to its small inflated height, which resulted in packers using double the amount of material in each package.

Air Move Air Pillow PackagingAdditionally, warehouse managers were hearing complaints about FastWrap™ being difficult to work with, especially when wrapping around car spoilers. This was slowing down the efficiency of their packaging operation.

The ecommerce company was in need of a system that would improve their packaging efficiency, as well as reduce their material cost. A Pregis representative contacted the company and they agreed to have Pregis come in to conduct an audit on their existing packaging environment.

After trialing the AirSpeed HC Versa hybrid cushioning system and the AirSpeed Axis & HLX system, it was evident that the cushion height difference between the company’s current packaging material and Pregis’ HC Large cushion was significant. The large cushion profile showed an average material cost savings of 12%. However, the HC cushioning performance was actually much greater than necessary for the application.

The HLX Trio pattern, on the other hand, provided the same yield advantage as the HC Large material and the appropriate level of protection required to protect the parts during transit. Additionally, the HLX Trio pattern showed a higher average cost savings of 25%.

Further, packers worked more efficiently because the HLX Trio pattern could be used as a top or bottom pad for void fill, wrapping or cushioning. This was something packers were having difficulty doing when using FastWrap™.

In addition to increased packaging efficiencies, the company liked how the HLX Trio film provided clients a clean and professional look. The Trio replaced all other packaging materials including Automated’s Film, Kraft Paper, and Large Bubble.

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