Increasing efficiency at a turkey processing facility

Problem: A turkey processing facility in the Midwest needed to use the efficiency of a semi-automatic case sealer to seal the tops and bottoms of cases. The case sealer would be included as part of the processing production line. After the turkey is bagged and shrink wrapped, it is packed into the case. The operator would then close the box flaps and introduce the product to the machine to seal the top and bottom of the case. Because the machines are within ten feet of the bagging area, the case sealer would have to be able to undergo intensive wash downs on a daily basis. The wash down involves a high pressure spray of water directly on the equipment.

Solution: A stainless steel semi-automatic top-and-bottom case sealer provided the case sealing efficiency needed to the production line. Its single mast design provided the desired combination of operator safety and easy access to the unit parts and components for daily operation and for the wash down requirements. To handle the daily harsh wash down environment, the entire frame of the model of the case sealer was constructed of stainless steel. The electrical components were configured to meet NEMA 4 Standards. The standard 1/4 horsepower motor was upgraded to a washdown-duty rated GE motor.

A unique cartridge design was incorporated to allow space on the 3/16″ steel side plate for easy threading of the tape. Tape changeover for this cartridge is very simple and quick. To fully take advantage of the easy thread design, the manufacturer added a standard “cartridge tip-up” feature for the top head of all standard case sealer models. This feature allows the top tape cartridge to simply tip back on the upper head for tape changeover and re-threading. The top cartridge does not have to be removed for changing rolls of tape.

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