Industrial Packaging Case Studies: A Look at a Green Future

The packaging market is expansive, and not every option works for your specific application. So, while it is important to test alternative methods, it is just as important to research all types of alternative methods before testing them in your packaging environment. Luckily, IPS Packaging has some general case studies to read up on for guidance. Throughout each case study, you will find that green solutions can be found in any industry for any application.

Brief glance at Case Studies by IPS Packaging.

  • Air Pillows: Searching for an earth-friendly solution to polyurethane packaging? Go behind the scenes with a quick case study on Air Pillows.
  • Foam Packaging: An electronics/appliances company was looking to recycle foam scrap. After coming to IPS Packaging to find an alternative to their waste stream dilemma, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that sometimes, foam can be green.
  • Stretch Film: Maximize performance and savings with automatic stretch wrapping machines using the IPS Stretch Film Comparison Guide Online.

Materials must be resourced responsibly. Designed to be effective, safe throughout the life cycle, meet market criteria for performance and cost made entirely using renewable energy, and once used, can be recycled efficiently to provide a value resource for subsequent generations.-Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)

It is important to always analyze the full life cycle of packaging products. If you would like to speak to a packaging specialist or a sustainable packaging specialist, call us at 800.277.7007

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