Poly Bag Designed for Pearl Industry

IPS Teams up with Pearl Manufacturer to Produce 3 Mil Poly Bag

The first cultured pearl was created in 1893. Soon after the discovery that pearls could be man-made, the pearl industry sky-rocketed and the demand for pearl jewelry rose. In 1899, the first pearl store successfully opened in Tokyo, Japan. The pearl store eventually grew and the need to ship precious pearls safely became a primary concern.

IPS Packaging was contacted by a pearl company with specific concerns toward poly bag packaging. They had exact specifications and knew that they needed a helping hand.

The company needed a custom bag made that had the following characteristics:

  • Thick enough to protect
  • Clear look, not cloudy
  • Securely closeable zipper
  • Printable surface


The pearl company expressed an urgent need for a number of printed resealable poly bags to protect their valued products. The bags could not be of poor quality because of the nature of the business and the expense of the product. The film used for the bags had to be extremely thick, without being cloudy. The perfect gauge would be 3 mil, which is not a standard gauge for zip lock poly bags. They needed a custom solution fast and IPS Packaging delivered.

IPS Packaging custom-made the required plastic bags to the pearl company’s exact specifications! How did they do it? IPS knew that the pearl company needed a protective bag for expensive pearls that would be able to withstand the normal rigors of shipping. It also had to be transparent enough for the customer to see the jewelry through the bag. Since extra protection was desired for the pearl company’s highly valued goods, IPS recognized the importance of a bag that was fastened properly. IPS created a bag on which the zipper was carefully stamped for a perfect and secure closure. In addition, the film of the bag was a full 3 mil, which gave the plastic bags sufficient strength, while retaining full clarity.

IPS Packaging successfully assessed the individual need of the pearl store, implemented the appropriate plan of action, and delivered a superior plastic bag.  Not only did IPS Packaging satisfy the need of the pearl store, it also filled the order quickly and efficiently with the exact quantity that the pearl store had desired. Realizing the cost-effectiveness of IPS Packaging, the pearl store soon became a devoted customer.

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IPS Packaging worked tirelessly with us to design a product that exceeded all of our expectations.

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