IPS Conducts Systems Audit for Process Improvements

As a leader in the packaging industry, IPS now offers a system auditing program. We can evaluate the capabilities of your packaging system and determine how we can assist you best. By consulting our trained packaging specialists you can streamline your packaging system to be more cost effective and at the same time expose yourself to new options to reduce your environmental impact or learn how to better utilize the products you have always been using. We do this through several methods, including:

Source Reduction

We believe that the easiest and simplest way to reduce our impact on the environment and save money is to simply use less material. We can make monitor your use of materials and determine where materials and energy is being wasted. We can ascertain where how effectively you are using your current products and asses whether those products can be better utilized or determine if there is a better product for your business.


IPS is always working to make reusable products available to your company. Through new innovations such as the Superflow valve for dunnage bags, as well as our recycling program which takes back tape and stretch film cores for reuse, we will work with you to lessen our environmental impact.


Recycling is another great way to improve our environment and we would like to help you do just that. We offer a number of recycled material products, like Kraft paper and various plastic products. We are also very excited about our new recycling program that comes free of charge for you, our customer.

We believe in the ‘Three R’s’ when it comes to answering sustainability questions: reuse, recycle, results.”


Our team of packaging technicians can make available to you a report of the results of our efforts to maximize your efficiency. Our reports can show how you reduced your materials, expanded your recycling, and improved your bottom line.

IPS Packaging believes in a greener future. To learn more about how to go green and save green, call 800.277.7007 or email our Sales team.

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