Laminated Foam Planks: Differences in Polyethylene Foam Planks

Laminated Foam Planks
  H-cell Polyethylene Laminated Foam Plank

Foam is extremely simple to fabricate. It is made from ½ inch polyethylene sheet foam laminated together. Foam is non-dusting, lint-free and non-abrasive. It has unique closed-cell construction that provides superior protection against water absorption.

  • Available up to 48-inches wide
  • Thicknesses ranging from ½- to 3-inches
  • Densities range from 1.2 to 2.2 pounds
  • Low water absorption; highly buoyant
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • High resistance to UV breakdown
  • Water-resistant; non dusting
  • Lightweight

Ideal Applications

Different applications for H-Cell Polyethylene Laminated Foam Planks include: automotive trim, specialty damage, PC components and accessories, electronic components and medical instrumentation



Foam Planks

Senflex Polyethylene Laminated Foam Plank

With similar capabilities h-cell foam, senflex laminated foam is a soft, versatile plank.

  • Ideal for the protective cushioning of lightweight electronics, medical and computer products
  • Ultra-flexible and ultra-soft against packaged product
  • Exhibits quality shock absorption and compression set at low densities
  • Available in gray .9 density sheets 48-inches wide x 108-inches long, and 1- to 3- inches thick

Ideal Applications

Different applications for Senflex Polyethylene Laminate Foam Planks include: small electronics, electronic components and medical instrumentation.


Laminated Foam Planks
Multi-Density Laminated Foam Plank

Mutli-density laminated foam is made from different densities of h-cell
polyethylene foam. The combination of a thin-guage, high-density top skin and a high-performance, low-density h-cell foam base uniquely enhances design characteristics.

  • The top layer enables a “hinge” within an end cap that can fold out from a flat, die-cut foam design
  • Often meets performance of higher-density materials at a lower-density cost
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Top layer reduces creep
  • Available in sheets 48-inches wide x 108-inches long, and in thicknesses from 1- to 3-inches
  • Manufactured in 1.2- or 1.7 -pcf densities, with a 6 pcf density top skin

Ideal Applications

Different applications for Multi-density Laminated Foam Planks include: small electronics, electronic components and PC components and accessories.

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