Learning More About Shrink Film

Image DescriptionShrink film is a protective wrapping for articles of merchandise; it consists of clear plastic film that is wound about the articles and then shrunk by heat to form a sealed, tight-fitting package. This type of packaging is also called shrink package.

Some of the most common shrink wraps are: polyolefin center folded and single wound shrink, PVC center folded shrink, boat shrink wrap, PVC shrink wrap collars, PVC preformed shrink wine caps, polyethylene bundling shrink wrap, polyethylene shrink pallet covers, PVC shrink wrap bags, and polyolefin shrink wrap bags.

We have also divided our shrink film by application. Our shrink wrap packaging can be used for shrink wrap CD or DVD’s, food shrink wrap, home consumer products, and toys and games packaging.

What are the Different types of Shrink wrap?

  • BZ: Tough and versatile suitable for broad range of application.
  • BX: Standard shrink film ideal for multi-packaging and high speed
  • BRX: Soft and low force ideal for wrapping soft and irregular shape items
  • BLG: Low gauge that combines savings and abuse resistance.
  • BFF: antifog excellent retail shelf appeal. FDA Approved.


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