Learning PTFE Products: Belts, Fabrics, Films, Tapes

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), yeah, we thought so too. Not everyone uses this term, but everyone knows it’s meaning, because PTFE is most recognized  a substance that has been utilized in multiple ways since, including industrial supplies and materials such as belts, films, fabrics and tapes. PTFE’s ability to withstand extreme heat and it’s non-stick surface makes it a valuable commodity for both industrial and commercial purposes.


PTFE Belts

PTFE belting materials were developed for applications that require superior release characteristics, permeability for rapid drying, thermal stability and the dynamic strength to withstand the most rigorous operating conditions. The unique behavior of these PTFE materials results in a product that is more practical and cost effective than your typical belting materials.

PTFE Fabrics

Here we offer PTFE coated CHEMFAB® fabrics and CHEMLAM® PTFE film laminated fabrics designed to meet the ultimate requirements of our customers’ applications. What differentiates our PTFE fabrics from others is the excellent release properties and dimensional stability at temperature extremes, as well as chemical resistance and clean-ability. CHEMSIL® and COHRlastic® Silicone coated fabrics offer practical temperature and chemical resistance, surface release, weather-ability, dielectric strength and FDA compliance at more narrow widths.

PTFE Tapes

PTFE Films

We provide the broadest line of specialty high performance polymeric films allowing our customers to select the right film for the right requirement. PTFE film is used as primary insulation for high-temperature wires, cable jackets, and convoluted hose walls. These products are used in microwave and coaxial cable applications where low dielectric constant and high velocities are required.

PTFE Tapes

Saint-Gobain produces a variety of adhesive coated substrates for a wide range of application needs. CHR® Fluoropolymer tapes are offered with silicone and acrylic adhesive for applications requiring the chemical protection, high temperature resistance and/or non-stick ease. Additionally, CHR® tapes are manufactured from glass fabric, PET and PI films, metal, paper and various composite substrates for a multitude of industrial and commercial uses.

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