Mailer FAQs

Q. Can I order mailers that will protect the CDs and DVDs my customers buy and are light weight to save on shipping costs?
Yes you can.  We have a couple of options to give you a mailer that weighs less than an ounce and are US Postal approved for auto-mailing.

  • CD/DVD One Way Mailer – 24 lb paper for mailing in one direction (Good-to-Go Mailers
  • CD/DVD Two Way Mailer – 24 lb paper for mailing in two directions (Good-to-Go Mailers)


Q. What does it mean that your mailers are USPS approved for auto-mailing?
No surcharges or additional fees are added by the US Postal Service when mailing one CD or DVD in our mailers.  When sealed, our CD mailers are in the shape of a rectangle.  This helps in two ways: the CD is centered in the mailer, providing extra protection on the sides of the mailer.  Additionally, rectangle mailers cost less to mail than square mailers.


Q. Should I be concerned with my CD/DVD being damaged when mailing with a 24lb mailer?
There is always a chance that the CD/DVD could be damaged, but it is a very small percent.  Over 100 million CD or DVDs are mailed every year with no damage.


Q. Can the paper mailers be custom printed with my company’s logo?
Yes they can.  We custom print mailers in 1-4 colors with your logo and designs.


Q. What are my options for CD Mailers that are two way – meaning I can send the mailer with a CD to my customer, then they can send it back to me?
Our CD/DVD Two Way Mailer in manufactured in 24 lb. white paper.  It can be purchased as an in-stock product or ordered Custom printed with your company logo or company design.


Q. What kind of seals can I get on a paper mailer?
Our mailers can have the Strip & Seal closure.  This is our most popular option.  We also provide a Latex/Self Seal Adhesive.  Latex Adhesive is applied to the envelope and the flap.  When closed, it seals on its own.  It is a quick solution for sealing the mailer.  It works well with automated CD/DVD inserting equipment.



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